I speak: German, Albanian, English



I love the simple pleasure of connecting with people as individuals and find common ground with everyone I meet. I make a conscious effort to always radiate positive energy which naturally lifts those around me.

I am great at multi-tasking and handling stressful situations. That is probably due to the fact that I have three small children at home and have had more than enough practice! I have been known to say that my work day is actually my day off. If you are a mum you will totally understand what I mean. I love being a mum but I also love the feeling when I am at work that I am simply Shqipe again.

The Place is not just work for me, it is so much more than that. Michelle means friendship and family. I love that The Place offers so many professional opportunities, because even though I love where I am at now I also dream about the next season of my life and the possibilities that brings.

I speak: German, Albanian, English


Hinterbergstrasse 56
6312 Steinhausen
079 740 64 64


Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 9:30-18:30
Wednesday | 9:30-18:30
Thursday | 12:00-21:00
Friday | 9:30-18:30
Saturday | 8:00-15:00
Sunday | Closed