Michelle Tanner


I always thought that my strongest skill, well actually my super power, was creating beautiful hair. I never thought there would ever be a day when I would not be a hairdresser. Then I became a salon owner and everything started to shift. I now know I was born to be a leader; to watch my team grow and develop sets my soul on fire.

I am originally from Australia which helps to explain my design aesthetic, open personality and of course my love for a good chinwag. Even though I miss Australia at times I have always felt Switzerland to be my true home as here is where I truly came to life.

By educating, supporting and empowering my team I ensure quality, consistency and a healthy work environment for all.​​​​​​​​ Anyone can be a boss but not everyone can be a leader; I am a leader that will touch the lives of many.


Im Dock
Sonnmatthof 3
6023 Rothenburg
079 741 48 48


Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 9:30-18:30
Wednesday | 9:30-18:30
Thursday | 12:00-21:00
Friday | 9:30-18:30
Saturday | 8:00-15:00
Sunday | Closed