Alina Müller


I have always had a passion for interacting with clients, but what I really love is working behind the scenes using my talent for organisation and structure to develop an idea into its full fruition.

Even though some may describe me as a workaholic, probably because my laptop has been known to follow me wherever I go, I completely believe in a healthy work life balance; even if it is a work in progress. The best way for me to feel balanced is to spend time with my horse. She always makes sure I am in the moment with her and when I walk away from our time together I always feel clearer about what lays ahead.

I have always had an unshakeable belief in The Place concept and feel no idea is too ambitious or dream too big. I truly believe life is about not finding yourself but instead creating yourself and am curious to discover what tomorrow brings.


Im Dock
Sonnmatthof 3
6023 Rothenburg
079 741 48 48


Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 9:30-18:30
Wednesday | 9:30-18:30
Thursday | 12:00-21:00
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Saturday | 8:00-15:00
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